20 August 2014

One Aspect I Want To Change In Chennai – The CBC Tablog 2

This post is the part of  'Chennai Bloggers Club’ super initiative “CBC Tablog-2”. The exercise is where few bloggers write about a common subject and tag each other posts as a chain-blog. The subject for this Blog Tag is ONE ASPECT I WANT TO CHANGE IN CHENNAI. I’m middle of the list. Now the baton was passed on to me from Gokoulane Ravi - my college senior who blogs at gokoulane.wordpress.com which has a collection of his inspirations.  Hereby I'm wishing all the participants of this tablog good luck. keep rocking CBC !!!

Hereby I thank CBC for this wonderful initiative of tablogs. This time the theme has inspired me a lot to participate. Amidst of hectic schedules, people took their time to share their views in a wonderful way.

Madras aka Chennai - being my native, I love the place more than anything. From my childhood, I have always admired nature and its creatures more. It was one of the vital reason for loving villages more than cities. Chennai -a city which has 'N' number of beautiful heritage buildings, malls and IT infrastructures , also has a wonderful environment to live on. Chennai is well known for its traditional culture and heritage, integrity of people from various places, traditional foods, Marghazhi festivals, beaches etc., But still there is one thing I miss in my lovable city. It is nothing but the greenery look. There are some places in Chennai, where we can still witness the greenery look which are not just a treat to our eyes, but also an advantage to our environment. There places like Alwarpet, Gopalapuram, Pondy bazaar, Periyar nagar(near perambur), Adyar , scenic theosophical society(Adyar) and IIT Guindy where there are 'N' number of trees can be found. It was always a pleasure to travel through these areas due to the presence of greenery. It not just makes the place cool, but also helps in controlling pollution. There is a study that trees have the power to reduce noise and air pollution. The change I would like to see in our lovable city is that it would be great if trees are planted on both the sides of the roads. It would help in reducing the pollution as well as makes the place cool (so that even while we are struck in a traffic, it would reduce the pressure, I hope :P ).

Here sharing an image of Theosophical Society , Adyar :
Image Source :
Photography - Chandrasekaran Arumugam 

Let's make our city a peaceful place to live on !!! Hereby, I'm wishing all the CBC members and all readers a very 'Happy Madras Day'. Though we miss little aspects in our city, I'm proud to be a chennaitie where many good initiatives and good things are round the corner !!!

Now I pass on this baton to a young aspiring girl 'Gayu Venkat' who blogs at sindhanaichidharalgal and marudhanivizhigal. Her blogs are well known for her beautiful art and wonderful usage of words. Rock on girl :) 

Once again I thank CBC for this wonderful tablog in this special month of Madras !!! Keep rocking CBC :) 

Have a colorful and blessed week ahead :) 


  1. I lived in flats, when I was young. There was so much empty space that plants and trees grew by themselves and the area was green. But nowadays, all apartments come with cemented base without the smallest area for gardens. And yes, as you said, roads need to be lined with trees on both sides. Few areas have the large rain trees, but we need it in all roads.

    Destination Infinity

  2. The very fact you didnt mention Annanagar heavies my heart, but it truly has no Avenues trees thanks to metro rail project. 70% of Annanagar s trees and greenery are gone and there is no replacing as the metro goes under for most part of the the second avenue. i ve always lived in chennai and in annanagar and ive prided myself with the amount of trees in our area. now all is gone........ the child in me weeps and the adults in me hopes for the older days.


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