28 December 2012

An Adventurous trekking experience to Milam Glacier

Trekking -

           Trekking is a long adventurous journey made on foot through mountains, rural and rugged areas.
Trekking explores you about the incredible beauty of nature..You can witness the nature at its best while trekking.

           As from my childhood I'm not much aware about trekking.. But while I was studying in class twelve, I have gone through a lesson in English subject named "To the Land Of Snow"..  Its all about a trekking experience shared by its author Ahtushi Deshpande..As a nature lover, I was very much keen on that particular lesson.. Even now after so many years, whenever I get an opportunity to read that lesson, I would never miss that chance.. That particular lesson on a trekking experience makes us to feel as like we travel along with the author..If you are too a nature lover, then don't miss to read that entire trek experience..You can find out the entire story in internet..The scope of the author's journey was to trek the Milam Glacier...Despite meeting several hurdles on his way to the glacier, the author was motivated by his guide Khem nam, the veteran trekker.. After finishing his trek successfully, on the way back home, the author reminiscences  "Patience is the art well learnt when one is at the mercy of nature"..

Milam Glacier is located northwest of Munsiyari part of Uttarakhand,India..It is situated to the south of Himalayas range.. It is found to be one of the major glaciers of Kumaon Himalaya.. It is estimated that it would take 11 days to trek the Milam Glacier..

En-route to Milam Glacier

Milam Glacier

Image Courtesy : http://indoexpedition.com/milamglacier.html

Want to trek or experience the Milam Glacier......?  Have a look on the following video :

Video Courtesy : Directed by Munishwar Gulati, Produced by Silicon media Infocomm..

I would like to share some of the websites on trekking to Milam Glacier :

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