28 December 2012

An Adventurous trekking experience to Milam Glacier

Trekking -

           Trekking is a long adventurous journey made on foot through mountains, rural and rugged areas.
Trekking explores you about the incredible beauty of nature..You can witness the nature at its best while trekking.

           As from my childhood I'm not much aware about trekking.. But while I was studying in class twelve, I have gone through a lesson in English subject named "To the Land Of Snow"..  Its all about a trekking experience shared by its author Ahtushi Deshpande..As a nature lover, I was very much keen on that particular lesson.. Even now after so many years, whenever I get an opportunity to read that lesson, I would never miss that chance.. That particular lesson on a trekking experience makes us to feel as like we travel along with the author..If you are too a nature lover, then don't miss to read that entire trek experience..You can find out the entire story in internet..The scope of the author's journey was to trek the Milam Glacier...Despite meeting several hurdles on his way to the glacier, the author was motivated by his guide Khem nam, the veteran trekker.. After finishing his trek successfully, on the way back home, the author reminiscences  "Patience is the art well learnt when one is at the mercy of nature"..

Milam Glacier is located northwest of Munsiyari part of Uttarakhand,India..It is situated to the south of Himalayas range.. It is found to be one of the major glaciers of Kumaon Himalaya.. It is estimated that it would take 11 days to trek the Milam Glacier..

En-route to Milam Glacier

Milam Glacier

Image Courtesy : http://indoexpedition.com/milamglacier.html

Want to trek or experience the Milam Glacier......?  Have a look on the following video :

Video Courtesy : Directed by Munishwar Gulati, Produced by Silicon media Infocomm..

I would like to share some of the websites on trekking to Milam Glacier :

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15 December 2012

Decline of Sparrows - Much hyped and to be concerned issue

Sparrows - A small passerine(denoting birds of large order, it also includes all song birds in this group) bird which is also called as House sparrows, True sparrows..  Native of this birds are Asia, Europe & Africa.. But they were found almost everywhere in the world..But surprisingly their population has seen a sharp decline in the past few years..There are many reasons for this decline..After many researches the exact reason is yet to be found..

Causes for the vanishing sparrows :

Let us know about some featured reasons :

                         ~ Radiations from mobile & television towers.

                         ~ Inadequate food.

                         ~ No sufficient place to build their nest.

                         ~ Rapid urbanization and industrialization.

                         ~ Few green cover i.e. lack of trees.
                         ~ Birds poaching - is one of the reasons that has to be taken on a deep note.

                         ~ A new research has found noise pollution as one of the cause for this decline.

             Of all these, inadequate food and insufficient place to build nest were commonly debated on. As of the new research, the modern houses and buildings without holes or rooftop shelves made hard for these small chirping birds to build their nests.. As noise pollution plays spoilsport for these birds, it has been said by the researchers that parent bird couldn't hear its younger one calling for food. They found that birds living in a quiet place are fed more than that reside over a noisy area.. Another cause is that the emission of carbon-mono-oxide from vehicles affect these birds badly..

Recovering steps to get these sweet chirping sparrows back :

               On a keen willingness to witness these birds again, with sufficient food grains and proper surroundings, it is possible to bring them back.. First step is that we must make sure to grow some plants and trees in our garden or in some social areas like schools, private or public concerns.. Then providing some wooden nest boxes near trees or in a terrace could ensure a place for the House sparrows to live in.. You can also spread some grains on the terrace and provide a bowl of water to invite these small visitors.. Keeping some water in your terrace for birds will be most valuable during summer seasons..


Images Courtesy : Internet
               You can also have some hanging pots filled with food grains in your veranda or balcony to feed birds.. The main advantage of having a hanging pot is that it makes sure that birds are safe from cats or dogs that would often hurt them when have their food in the ground.. Apart from this, as birds always love to swing and sit at higher places, hanging pots would invite them with joy..

           By bringing all these measures in effective action we can not only get these small sparrows back, but also we can get back the diminishing mynas and many other birds.. By maintaining the lakes, estuaries and wetlands in a city, we can get back the birds of their habitats..

 Madras Naturalist Society ( MNS ), a non-profit organisation based in Chennai.. It is maintained by a group of nature lovers who are involved in many activities on birds and several other activities related to nature.

I would like to share some of the MNS activities related to sparrows here.Have a look on the following articles which depicts the ways to get back the sparrows..

             >   http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/

World's Sparrow Day is celebrated across the globe on 20th of March every year to create a public awareness about the decline of sparrows. The main theme of the World Sparrow Day that has been said in their website worldsparrowday.org  is  
As many bird lovers are doing their part in such issues, people are less aware about that.. Let us take  it to limelight to save these small birds..

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23 November 2012

Kitchen Gardening - A Fast Growing Trend


Kitchen Garden - A garden where vegetables, fruits, herbs, shrubs etc., are grown for domestic use. This is the general meaning you could find in a dictionary. But it would be more interesting if you get deep inside this. The significance of Kitchen Gardening is that it ensures you an inexpensive, regular & fresh use of vegetables, fruits or herbs just few minutes before you serve which makes sure of your healthy lifestyle... 

Before discussing more about this, lets check out the history of Kitchen Garden... 

History Of Kitchen Gardening :

                      As I was browsing on history of Kitchen Gardening, I have found many results, of that some were matching each other & some were different. But the most common thing I found reading is that, Kitchen Garden have slowly evolved from school gardening in California,US & from people who found the arable land( a land suitable for growing crops). People who has to walk miles to get their basic needs for kitchen started using this concept in their backyards. Then later this concept was adopted during the First & Second world war when people were in demand for food. During those days it was called as "Victory Gardens".. 

For in-depth description on history of Kitchen Gardening have a look on the following links :



Later this evergreen concept has started evolving across the globe. Despite being a successful movement, Kitchen Gardening has to be explored more in the younger generations to come, so that it helps them to maintain a healthy environment in this fast growing polluted mechanic world.

Necessity Of Kitchen Garden In Today's World :

                 Nothing can match our Mother Nature created by our Father. She is best at Her wrapping, preserving & providing food for us. Hence She is privileged as Mother Nature. We can experience this personally when we make an effort to create our own garden. 
                      As per the recommendations from nutrition specialist, a balanced diet for an adult must include 85g of fruits & 300g of vegetables per day. But present production in our country can permit a per capita consumption of only 120g of vegetables per day. In Today's worsening economic condition, high rate vegetables it brings us the need to think about Horticulture & Kitchen Garden. The greeny vegetables grown under our own supervision with utmost care can protect us against diseases which are mostly caused due to adulteration. Most of the times the vegetables are coated with wax, pesticides, dipped in harmful chemical solutions just to make it look fresh & attractive. So its better for us to start maintaining a small garden.

 Benefits of Kitchen Gardening :   

                     Gardening takes sometime. But even if you spare little time each day for a small garden, it gives you back more astonishing results.
                                  ~* First of all, it provides you a healthy & peaceful environment. You can get fresh vegetables & herbs just few minutes before cooking.

                                  ~* It ensures to be a delightful hobby that can be pursued at home, school or even in a Eco-friendly office.

                                  ~* Most importantly it prevents air pollution. i.e. it purifies the air through plants which are responsible in the process of inhaling carbon-di-oxide & exhaling oxygen which is vital for human life.

                                  ~* As you have your own garden at home, high rates of vegetables could not affect you.

                                  ~* Watching a seed that you have planted blooming & growing under your care, gratifies you which can ease of your stress or worries.

                                  ~* Leafy vegetables such as spinach, palak, agathi leaves, mint leaves, murungai leaves etc., which are rich in vitamins, iron could be grown in our own garden & served often to enrich the health of our people around.

                                  ~* If you have more resources & a plan of growing a large garden, you can also make it as your business or use it as an opportunity to serve people around who are in need of it.

Get, Set, Go :

                   Let us see the process of making a kitchen garden.. All you need is some plastic bottles, small or large pots based on the crop of your choice, red soil or any other that suits your location, water & some little space in your veranda, balcony or backyard.

Seed - Sowing

                    Starting with a small garden then to big gives you more experiences. So start small. First, collect seeds from a reliable source.Choose a location where you can get sunlight. Check for the quality of your soil, then start with easy growing vegetables. Water the plants everyday depending upon the climatic conditions. Maintain your plants by protecting it from insects.Use some fertilizers to improve the soil fertility. Kitchen waste such as tea waste & skin of onions can also be used as fertilizers. At last harvest of vegetables depends upon the crop type.

Fast Growing Vegetables & herbs :

              Experts say that September-October is the best time to plant winter vegetables such as peas, carrot, radish, turnip, cauliflower, cabbage, onion, garlic, potato & leafy vegetables.

Some of the fast growing vegetables & herbs are carrot, lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, mint leaves, coriander & curry leaves, cucumber, onion, peas and spinach.

Want to see how fresh your vegetables could be, if it is from your own garden.............?

Here are few pictures for you..........




Lady's Finger


Rapid Growth of Kitchen Garden in Chennai :

                 Kitchen Gardens across the city are increasing rapidly. Most people with Kitchen Garden say that they are self-sufficient by growing vegetables of their need. It reduces the necessity to travel to the market often.Even training's are being conducted on how to have & maintain a Kitchen Garden.The Information and Training Center ( ITC ) of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University in Anna Nagar are providing training for people on kitchen gardens. Experts from TNAU says that July is the ideal month to plant your seeds in your kitchen Garden.

Some of the Kitchen Garden pictures  




Images Courtesy : Internet

I would like to share some of the interesting articles that i have gone through while browsing on this topic.
Hope that the following links gives you few more ideas on this. Check this out :

*  http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/open-page/i-saw-a-roof-garden-amid-the-concrete-jungle/article4062505.ece       

*  http://www.thehindu.com/life-and-style/kids/article3417737.ece

*  http://chennaifocus.wordpress.com/2012/07/18/interested-in-creating-a-kitchen-garden/           

Way to go ahead :

                  Kitchen Garden can be informally compared to somewhat like kindergarten. Kindergarten is what we call a preschool institution for children from where they are nourished with newer thoughts with utmost care & are given a change of atmosphere from home to school. Whereas in Kitchen Garden plants are nourished with utmost care. Both if handled carefully brings you out with unexpected & gratified results.

                  To move a step forward, this activity must be brought into practice right from schools from where our generation next emerges.  Hope this post would be worth sharing with your people around.                                                                                                                                                               

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26 October 2012

Listen With Your Heart - Importance Of trees In The Universe

I hereby welcome you all to have a look on the following video through which the Trees convey messages to Humanity

 Video Courtesy  : Video co-creation by Oribel  
Information excerpt on Trees from Dianne Robbins' book:
Tree Talk - Messages from the Earth's Trees  

                                  Trees are not just simply a plant or just a part of our biodiversity.They are indeed a healing element.It is proved by many researchers that trees have a magical power of healing.Just by providing a criteria of a scene with trees & a scene without trees, people of all ages despite of any countries, irrespective of living in rural or urban areas they prefer a scene with trees.It shows that trees provide a peaceful & pleasant sense.Researchers say that trees make people cool by minimizing their aggression.
Just imagine of this pleasant positive effects of trees if they are present around our residential & commercial areas.It would be a best ever natural experience everyday. 

                                 I would like to share some of the healing properties of Trees that I have found while browsing.

Trees of Healing
Apple: Pyrus malus
Brings fertility in every way, self-love and gradual restores health and optimism
It relieves nausea, toothache, fluid retention and digestive disorders, also those of liver, spleen and kidneys
Ash: (Fraxinus excelsior or Fraxinus Americana)
Gives courage and confidence and wider perspectives on life; helps digestion and the efficient functioning of the whole body; weight loss, bladder and bowel disorders.
Beech: (Fagus ferruginea)
Brings unconscious wisdom, healing and a sense of connection with the earth and with others helpful for the stomach, for healing wounds, sores and ulcers
Birch: (Betula pendula alba or lenta)
Brings new beginnings; protects mothers and their young; it reduces problems with fluid retention, high cholesterol levels, eczema and skin allergies
Elder: (Sambucus Canadensis or Nigra)
The fairy tree that makes anything seem possible; used as an antiseptic, also for respiratory and viral complaints, asthma, fevers, the speedy healing of fractures.

Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus regnans, also as blue gum tree (Eucalyptus globules))
Good for removing stagnant energies
Effective for colds, coughs and sinuses, fevers and infections, it also heals wounds.
Fig : (Ficus-carica)
Brings fertility and the blossoming of creativity; heals the skin, especially rashes and spots, improves circulation, sore throats and bronchial disorders
Laurel/Bay: ( Laurus nobilis, also Pimenta racemosa)
Protective against illness and malice; restores trust after infidelity
Reduces stress and anxiety, improves hair condition and cellulite; good for rheumatism and arthritis and female fertility.
Magnolia: (Magnolia glauca)
Increases love and loyalty; reduces the power of addictions and obsessions, especially smoking; helps skin problems; restores strength after a long illness
Mimosa: (Acacia dealbata)
Removes a sense of isolation, especially for older people; calms anxiety; relieves depression, gastric problems, cuts, and wounds, also nightmares
Oak: (Quercus Alba)
Drives away fear and impotence physical and emotional; eases blood problems, kidney stones, internal and external bleeding, improves circulation and reduces fevers.
Orange: (citrus sinensis)
Brings a sense of well being and fertility in every way; soothes anxiety and insomnia and bad dreams in adults and children; relieves skin problems, boosts immune system to fight colds and other viruses.
Peach: (Amygdalus persica)
Attracts abundance, happiness and fertility; relieves gastric problems, nausea and coughs and encourages body and mind to relax.
Pine: (Pinus)/Spruce( Picea excelsa)
Drives away all harm, both to the home and family and especially to newborn infants; heals chest, throat and lung infections, colds, flu and sore throats.
Poplar/Aspen:  (Populus tremuloides)
Anciently called the shiver tree because it was believe to fevers and chills as its own leaves trembled even when there was no wind; brings gentle healing of the spirit; good for stress, allergies, eczema, diabetes and neuralgia
Walnut: (Juglans regia), also Butternut (Juglans cinerea)
Brings fertility and abundance; relieves skin problems, fluid retention, colds and flu, headaches, hair loss and painful menstruation
White Willow: (Salix alba)
Brings protection and harmony with the cycle of the seasons and the moon; reduces pain and inflammation, rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, fevers and headaches; good also for eye problems
Wild Cherry: (Prunus serotina)
The tree of reconciliation and inner tranquillity; eases coughs fevers, colds, flu, throat disorders, asthma and bronchitis

Healing properties Courtesy : http://www.cassandraeason.com 

I wish you people to share this valuable information with your people around. 

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03 September 2012

Green thumb starts tree bank- An article from Deccan Chronicle

I would like to share an article that I read in the popular English newspaper - Deccan Chronicle dated on
September 3, 2012..I have posted it here , so that whomever could follow or take part in this activity can make use of the information or just share it with your people around...

Click on the following link for full article ( Courtesy : Deccan chronicle ) :

Green thumb starts tree bank | Deccan Chronicle

Here are few lines from the article,

"Forty five-year old G.Mullaivanam's love for trees began when, as a 13-year-old, he would accompany his grandfather on tree planting expeditions across the city.

After many such trips over they years, he realised the need to educate the public about protecting nature. Thus he started a tree bank to supply saplings free of cost.
Concerned about the dwindling numbers of trees in Chennai following rapid urbanisation, this third generation farmer undertook a door-to-door campaign to save trees"

Anyone who is interested in tree plantation and in need of saplings can contact G.Mullaivanam's Tree bank through a message in this number 9789892080 or you can mail your details to treebankofindia@gmail.com

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01 July 2012

In His time - A song dedicated to Nature & all of us..

Video Source : YouTube

In His Time - One of the beautiful song i enjoyed hearing & singing in my School..

In His time(2)
He makes all things beautiful
In His Time.
Lord Please show me everyday,
As you're teaching me your way,
That you do just what you say,
In Your time.

In Your time(2)
You make all things beautiful in your time,
Lord my life to you i bring,
may each song i have to sing,
Be to you a lovely thing,
In Your time.

There's a time(2)
Both for sowing and for reaping, there's a time.
Time for losing time for gain, 
Time for joy and time for pain,
Every purpose under heaven,
Has a time.

15 June 2012

An awareness on tree plantation

                    Our Mother Nature plays a major role in keeping our Universe Alive... Its the most beautiful creation of God through which we gain most resources... Its our duty to conserve & make our Mother Earth Eco-friendly in today's polluted world..

                   One of the major loss in today's environment is  depreciation of trees, hence an awareness of planting saplings must be widely spread so as to make our earth green..
One of the best possible way to minimize Global Warming is to plant trees as much as we can. As i surfed about tree plantation schemes in the internet, i found a scheme called The billion tree campaign of UNEP. As of The Billion Tree Campaign of UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) India is ranked 2nd in The roll of honour  top ten countries. 

As many organisations, associations & foundations carry out this tree awareness & plantation programme , we still need to take this issue to a major level by spreading the awareness to remote areas in India. We can just begin this Eco-friendly cause by conserving the existing trees that we see around our home , through the way to school , college or office. A method of gifting tree saplings is already in practice but they are very few in number. so let each of us start this valuable cause to save our environment  from Global warming & to avoid scarcity of nature resources.

Some of the websites that i found supporting the Tree planting cause are :

Contribute your part either by spreading awareness or taking part in their events in the respected sites.

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