15 June 2012

An awareness on tree plantation

                    Our Mother Nature plays a major role in keeping our Universe Alive... Its the most beautiful creation of God through which we gain most resources... Its our duty to conserve & make our Mother Earth Eco-friendly in today's polluted world..

                   One of the major loss in today's environment is  depreciation of trees, hence an awareness of planting saplings must be widely spread so as to make our earth green..
One of the best possible way to minimize Global Warming is to plant trees as much as we can. As i surfed about tree plantation schemes in the internet, i found a scheme called The billion tree campaign of UNEP. As of The Billion Tree Campaign of UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) India is ranked 2nd in The roll of honour  top ten countries. 

As many organisations, associations & foundations carry out this tree awareness & plantation programme , we still need to take this issue to a major level by spreading the awareness to remote areas in India. We can just begin this Eco-friendly cause by conserving the existing trees that we see around our home , through the way to school , college or office. A method of gifting tree saplings is already in practice but they are very few in number. so let each of us start this valuable cause to save our environment  from Global warming & to avoid scarcity of nature resources.

Some of the websites that i found supporting the Tree planting cause are :

Contribute your part either by spreading awareness or taking part in their events in the respected sites.

Thanks for reading..


  1. Pics look so lovely!Such a nice thought! I hope more and more people are aware of consequences of afforestation..Tree plantation is such a nice thing to do..I really hope people realize this soon before its too late already..

    1. Thanks Sia :) Yep its already late but still we can do this for a greener tomorrow. It needs a lot of awareness still.


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