04 August 2014

Blueberries - A Treat to eyes as well as to your health !!!

Hi all !!! Hope everything going good around you all. In this post, I gonna share about one of the fruits that I have admired the most , not just for its taste, but for its wonderful color !!! Oh God ! What was your creation ! I wondered and loved it much :) There were none other than Blueberries :) 

Blueberries are available in various colors such as green, greenish pink, bluish pink and also available in my favorite color purple / indigo color.  

Nomenclature : 

Scientific Name   :  Vaccinium corymbosum

Tamil Name        :   அ வு ரி நெ ல் லி  @ நா க ப் ப ழ ம் 

Hindi Name        :    Nilabadari @ Feera

English Name     :    Blueberry

Blue berries are said to be native to North America, Europe and Asia. Blue berries were highly ranked among other fruits for its antioxidant property. They were known as perennial flowering plants.

Lets look on to some colorful blueberry images that I have collected from web :


Blueberry Cultivation in India :

Blueberries are cultivated at many places around India as well. Most popularly and successfully it was grown at a firm called Abonna Plants located at Siliguri of Darjeeling District. Siliguri is loacted at the banks of Mahananda River and the foothills of the Himalayas(One of the Nature's paradise in the world) !!!

You can check about the agriculture practices of Blueberry in India through these links below :

Facebook page : BlueberryPlantsInIndia

Astonishing Health Benefits of Blueberry :

        *Blueberries are said to be rich in manganese, magnesium, iron, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin K , riboflavin, niacin, folate and  fiber.

          *As per some studies, blueberries are said to have various phytochemicals which are believed to reduce the risk of cancer and inflammations. A well known University in U.S, has made a study which says that blueberries helps to block the growth of tumor cells.

           *Amidst, all its properties, Blueberry juice was said to have numerous benefits. It was believed to improve memory power and enrich brain. Moreover, it also helps in reducing blood sugar and symptoms of depression.

           *It helps against skin wrinkles which helps to make your skin to stay stable always. It was believed to soften your dry skin.

           *It was believed to reduce the risk and severity of allergies. Moreover, they help to preserve vision power, reduce digestive problems.

            *Blueberries such as cranberries , are said to contain some compounds which helps to prevent harmful bacteria affecting the bladder.

            *As per the study in New University of Michigan, blueberries are believed to reduce your belly fatness and reduces the risk factors for cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome.

References :


Here's the picture of BLUEBERRY JUICE taken in my office :)

It was a wonderful experience to try them for the first time and most importantly it was a visual treat(due to it's mind-blowing color)  !!! To be honest I enjoyed more watching it rather than drinking it !!!

Hope you all would try this treat as well !!!
Have a Blessed & Colorful week ahead :) 


  1. Beautiful colors and a good article sushmitha..........

  2. After reading your post, I think I will try it. I have never tasted it in my life. Will buy it this week.


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