26 October 2012

Listen With Your Heart - Importance Of trees In The Universe

I hereby welcome you all to have a look on the following video through which the Trees convey messages to Humanity

 Video Courtesy  : Video co-creation by Oribel  
Information excerpt on Trees from Dianne Robbins' book:
Tree Talk - Messages from the Earth's Trees  

                                  Trees are not just simply a plant or just a part of our biodiversity.They are indeed a healing element.It is proved by many researchers that trees have a magical power of healing.Just by providing a criteria of a scene with trees & a scene without trees, people of all ages despite of any countries, irrespective of living in rural or urban areas they prefer a scene with trees.It shows that trees provide a peaceful & pleasant sense.Researchers say that trees make people cool by minimizing their aggression.
Just imagine of this pleasant positive effects of trees if they are present around our residential & commercial areas.It would be a best ever natural experience everyday. 

                                 I would like to share some of the healing properties of Trees that I have found while browsing.

Trees of Healing
Apple: Pyrus malus
Brings fertility in every way, self-love and gradual restores health and optimism
It relieves nausea, toothache, fluid retention and digestive disorders, also those of liver, spleen and kidneys
Ash: (Fraxinus excelsior or Fraxinus Americana)
Gives courage and confidence and wider perspectives on life; helps digestion and the efficient functioning of the whole body; weight loss, bladder and bowel disorders.
Beech: (Fagus ferruginea)
Brings unconscious wisdom, healing and a sense of connection with the earth and with others helpful for the stomach, for healing wounds, sores and ulcers
Birch: (Betula pendula alba or lenta)
Brings new beginnings; protects mothers and their young; it reduces problems with fluid retention, high cholesterol levels, eczema and skin allergies
Elder: (Sambucus Canadensis or Nigra)
The fairy tree that makes anything seem possible; used as an antiseptic, also for respiratory and viral complaints, asthma, fevers, the speedy healing of fractures.

Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus regnans, also as blue gum tree (Eucalyptus globules))
Good for removing stagnant energies
Effective for colds, coughs and sinuses, fevers and infections, it also heals wounds.
Fig : (Ficus-carica)
Brings fertility and the blossoming of creativity; heals the skin, especially rashes and spots, improves circulation, sore throats and bronchial disorders
Laurel/Bay: ( Laurus nobilis, also Pimenta racemosa)
Protective against illness and malice; restores trust after infidelity
Reduces stress and anxiety, improves hair condition and cellulite; good for rheumatism and arthritis and female fertility.
Magnolia: (Magnolia glauca)
Increases love and loyalty; reduces the power of addictions and obsessions, especially smoking; helps skin problems; restores strength after a long illness
Mimosa: (Acacia dealbata)
Removes a sense of isolation, especially for older people; calms anxiety; relieves depression, gastric problems, cuts, and wounds, also nightmares
Oak: (Quercus Alba)
Drives away fear and impotence physical and emotional; eases blood problems, kidney stones, internal and external bleeding, improves circulation and reduces fevers.
Orange: (citrus sinensis)
Brings a sense of well being and fertility in every way; soothes anxiety and insomnia and bad dreams in adults and children; relieves skin problems, boosts immune system to fight colds and other viruses.
Peach: (Amygdalus persica)
Attracts abundance, happiness and fertility; relieves gastric problems, nausea and coughs and encourages body and mind to relax.
Pine: (Pinus)/Spruce( Picea excelsa)
Drives away all harm, both to the home and family and especially to newborn infants; heals chest, throat and lung infections, colds, flu and sore throats.
Poplar/Aspen:  (Populus tremuloides)
Anciently called the shiver tree because it was believe to fevers and chills as its own leaves trembled even when there was no wind; brings gentle healing of the spirit; good for stress, allergies, eczema, diabetes and neuralgia
Walnut: (Juglans regia), also Butternut (Juglans cinerea)
Brings fertility and abundance; relieves skin problems, fluid retention, colds and flu, headaches, hair loss and painful menstruation
White Willow: (Salix alba)
Brings protection and harmony with the cycle of the seasons and the moon; reduces pain and inflammation, rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, fevers and headaches; good also for eye problems
Wild Cherry: (Prunus serotina)
The tree of reconciliation and inner tranquillity; eases coughs fevers, colds, flu, throat disorders, asthma and bronchitis

Healing properties Courtesy : http://www.cassandraeason.com 

I wish you people to share this valuable information with your people around. 

Thanks for reading.